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The Taichung Normal School established the first Fine Arts Department in Taiwan in 1946. The department still continues to pass down the excellent education of fine arts and the school’s discipline of creation inherited from well-known professors such as Lu Fo-ting and Lin Chih-Chu. This department used to be a Fine Arts section in the Junior Teachers College, and then was changed to the Department of Fine Arts and Crafts Education in Teachers College (founded 1992), finally named the Department of Fine Arts in 2004. Our department’s Master Program was then founded two years later. The goal of our establishment is to cultivate talents for the education of fine arts and professional artists with accomplishments in both the creation and theory of art. Besides passing down the traditional essence of art, we also establish courses on techniques and theories of the medium and materials of contemporary art, in order to increase the active participation of our students in the art industry and international art activities. As for our facilities, we have a seven-floor department building, digital art studios, an “Art Center” in Qiu Zhen Building, and “Professor Lin Chih-Chu’s Eastern Gouache Painting Memorial”, etc., which provides ample space for both our teachers and students to create, practice and publish their works, enforcing the habits of mutual observation and self-examination of our students to enhance their professional ability and competitiveness of art.