About The Department


Since the Japanese occupation, the National Taichung Teachers College  

has been a cradle to many outstanding music professionals. Under the 

leadership of former chairpersons, Prof. Lin Chau - Yang, Prof. Chang 

Hsuan-Wen, Prof. Hung Yueh-Hua, Prof. Hsu Li-Sha, Taichung and

the present chairperson Prof. Chin-Yow Lin,  Teachers College pioneers 

in the education of musicians and music teachers. Over the past few years, the

 school’s Department of Music Education has made some fine adjustments to

curricular design and teaching materials, and as a result, teachers 

and students develop a closer relationship.



           Calibrate elementary school music teachers.

            Nourish music professional of all fields.

    Improve the teaching materials, methods and researches on children’s music education.

   Promote school choirs and instrument ensemble education.

   Consolidate all kinds of music activity.

   Advocate for local and world music



  Equip students with music teaching and performing abilities.

  Offer master and doctor degree classes on music education.

  Prepare music students for a wider variety of jobs.




Lin, Chin-Yow  


                                                Professor. Music Composition, Music Theory, Piano Pedagogy,

             Chamber Music

            Phone: 04-2226-3181 ext. 241, 242  


Hsu, Li - Sha

                                       Professor. Musicology, History of Music, Ethno-musicology, Taiwan Music, Piano,

                                       Music Education,Music Education

        Phone:04-2225-3181 ext. 241, 242



Hsu, Chih-Hui

Associate Professor. Orchestral Conducting, Violin Teaching, String Ensemble

            Phone: 04-2226-3181 ext. 242



Chen, Shing-Lih

                                                       Associate Professor. Piano Performance, Piano Literature, Piano Pedagogy,

    Chamber Music, Piano Accompany

           Phone: 04-2222-7830


Hung, Yueh-Hua    

           Associate Professor. Voice, Vocal Pedagogy, Song Literature, Chorus

           Phone: 04-2226-3181 ext. 241, 242


       Huang, Hui-Hua

                                                           Associate Professor. Piano (Individual & Group), Teaching Materials and Methods

                                                          of Music in The Elementary School

                                                           Phone: 04-2226-3181 ext. 241, 242


Lin, Ying-Feng

           Lecturer. Vocal, Chorus, Music Education

           Phone: 04-2226-3181 ext. 241, 242



Hsu, Teng-Pao

           Lecturer. Vocal Music, Choral Music

           04-2226-3181 ext. 241, 242


Chen, Jen-Ming

           Lecturer. Piano Pedagogy

           Phone: 04-2226-3181 ext. 242



Lai, Wei-Chun

           Lecturer. Violin Lesson, Piano Group Teaching, Recorder Teaching, 

          Child Instruments Ensemble, Chamber Music

                               Phone: 04-2226-3181 ext. 242


Liu, Huey-Hwa

                              Lecturer. Piano (Indiridual & Group)

                               Phone: 04-2226-3181 ext. 242



Lee,Li-Jung            Lee,Li-Jung

                              Lecturer,Piano Performance,Piano Literature